nditionsA cartoon rendering o fthe authorMy first book is called Choose a Good Feeling Instead. 

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5.0 out of 5 stars Choose a good feeling instead – Review

By A Customer on 25 Oct. 2002

I found this short self-help book to be refreshingly simple whilst tackling and offering help on some complex but common ‘life’ issues. I would guess that the majority of people out there can relate to personal problems covered in the book and help is offered in overcoming them.
This type of book is often complicated and off-putting but I found this to be the opposite.
In short, I find the advise helpful in everyday life and I would like to whole heartedly recommend a read.
It’s only 64 pages of large print and takes very little time to read.  In fact, each of the ten sections should only take you three minutes at most to take in.   You will find, however, that you will keep wanting to go back to it for more information.  I sometimes get requests from owners to replace their worn out copies and I had the pages sewn, instead of glued, so that the books would last better!
I strongly recommend that you only read one section at a time.  You will have enough information each time to go out and watch people for the signs that you have read about.  Come back later for another section.
In the book, you will find out about:
  • How to reduce accidents  page 22
  • Why some people are the Life and Soul of the Party one day and Withdrawn and Passiveanother  Page 31
  • Balancing power in the family  Page 49
  • How ‘I’ll Try’ usually means ‘No’  Page 12
  • Why you are wasting your time and energy, when you do things for others, without checking that this would be appreciated  Page 28
  • Why you need to hold onto your personal power  Page 53
  • How rebellious people refuse to do what they want to do  Page 43
  • The dangers of the stiff upper lip  Page 20
  • How I got myself into a tangle by trying to be perfect  Page15
  • How you always have choices about what you think, feel and do  Page 29
  • How to stop racing from one part of the day to the next  Page 11

Hard copies of this book are on sale on Amazon for £25 (used) and £27 (new)  and Amazon.com at $76.98 (used).  I have included these links, so that you can see for yourself.

This is very much a bedside table book.  Not only is it small and slim, it will also provide you with food for thought for many years to come.  Joanna, who illustrated the book, published in 1990, recently sent me an email, telling me that she had been out that day and seen someone doing something and thought “Oh! That’s what Elizabeth meant!  As soon as she returned home, she checked the book, confirmed her thought and found something else to look for.  This means that she has been using this book for twenty-seven years!

Why am I telling you this?  Because you are most likely here because you are looking for help with your relationships.  This book will give you a good start.  To thank you for coming to this site, I’m offering you a hard copy of the book for only £7, carriage free.  Or, if you prefer you can download a pdf copy for £2.50.

Click on the link below to order your copy.

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